L’Erbolario products in Milan in the Loreto area – Buenos Aires

L’Erbolario was born in Lodi, in 1978, as a Premiata Herbal Artisan. Here, in the back of the small shop in Corso Archinti, Franco Bergamaschi and his wife Daniela Villa give life to their first cosmetics, drawing on old and tested family recipe books: aromatic waters, bath oils and lotions all characterized by the exquisitely vegetable derivation of their ingredients, from delicate fragrances, not at all artificial, and from packaging with clean and captivating graphics. We were born with a dream: to make beauty accessible to anyone.

In our Phyto cosmetics, we concentrate very high percentages of functional substances of vegetable origin. Since 1998 we have enthusiastically adhered to the International Standard Stop Animal Testing. For years we have adopted all the necessary devices to prevent, reduce and, where possible, eliminate all forms of pollution or unjustified consumption of resources deriving from our work.

L’Erbolario has not delocalized any production phase to third countries, least of all in those in which human rights and the fundamental rights of workers are trampled on or child labour is used or works in conditions of semi-slavery.

Our Phyto cosmetics are proud to be 100% MADE IN ITALY! All our products are tax-free for tourists.