Erbamea products in Milan in the area of Loreto – Buenos Aires

All cultures, even the most ancient ones, have always appreciated the value and the healthy properties of herbs and plants.

Nowadays too, the need to provide our organism with a natural wellness and balance, based on the virtues of active principles coming from vegetables, is particularly felt.

This is why we decided to widen the assortment of our herbalist’s shop, located in the area of Loreto – Buenos Aires, with Erbamea herbal products.

Situated in the green landscape of the uncontaminated Alta Val Tiberina, in the Umbria region,  Erbamea creates herbal remedies and supplements, infusions, as well as phytotherapic lines conceived to guarantee individual wellness, searching for the highest quality and innovation according to customers’ needs.

Today Erbamea products can be consumed even by gluten-intolerant people. All products of our Erbamea line are gluten free.

Erbamea, with its ingredients and herbs, donates us the pleasure of a natural wellbeing.

All our products are tax-free for tourists.